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Edgar is Noemi and Zoro's adopted son who was an orphan from The Kingdom Of Darkness.


Edgar has curly brown hair and bright brown eyes.The left eye he can use to see auras and see the


experiment title of any one of Lotus's creations he comes across. He wears dress shirts and a brown jacket and also owns a varity of ties and bowties. Also, when he uses his left eye, it turns red. Lotus dealt this power upon him by cutting open his face at a young age, so Edgar lives with the horrifying memory.


Despite his terrible past (having to kill his twin brother Rodger in the mass slaughter Lotus ordered on January 2, 2015 and having to bury both of his parents) Edgar is a sweet boy and is slightly innocent in his actions. He wears his father's dog tag from the war and carries the pike he had to use to kill his brother on his back. Edgar comes from England in DD and carries his accent and also enjoys tea. He met his father and mother each once despite being raised in an orphanage. His father gave him a stamped tattoo of a sun on his right arm made up of gears with the words "TOTA REBELS" above it, being that his father was the leader of a rebel team until Lotus found and killed all of them.


Abilities & Powers

Edgar sees auras and can see the codes of all experiments he comes across. He is also training to be a mechanic like his father and a swordsman. On the side, Edgar likes to help out at the cafe from time to time.


Edgar is Noemi and Zoro's adopted son. He also has cousin Lulu who was adopted by one of Noemi's soldiers, Kanasha.



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