What Are Elementals?

Elementals are beings that can control the elements. There are eight channelable elements: water, fire, earth, air, electricity, darkness, light, and aura. A person also doesn't have to be the Avatar to be able to channel multiple elements, but for most people three elements are their limit. There are also two separate types of elementals, regular elementals and eternals. Eternals are the very best when it comes to channeling their element and can usually do much more than regular elementals. Unfortunately, many are simply born an eternal and can't actually train to become one. Also, very few people can be three types of eternals. The max would be two, and even that is pushing it. In addition there are separate kingdoms for each individual element and those kingdoms are governed by monarchs who are usually eternals.

The Types of Elementals and What They Do


Water is one of the most common elements and can take many forms. Water elementals can do an array of things involving each state of water and can change water's state at will. Liquid water can be manipulated into offensive attacks, but usually aren't very effective. Water elementals can also extract water directly from the earth to use in their attacks, and this can be an added survival bonus. Frozen water can be used as a more brutal attack meant to kill the victim. It can also be used to make surfaces slick enabling an easy getaway if needed. Ice can also entrap people. Gas is the least commonly used state of liquid and is usually used in stealth to transport masses of water before striking. It can also heat up anyone who's cold and can be infused with poisons to create a silent death.


Fire is another one of the common elements and is used mostly offensively. Victims can be charred and small fires can be manipulated to destroy anything from a piece of paper to a whole house. Fire also comes in multiple colors signifying its strength and magical properties. Red fire is the most common and carries no magical significance. Indigo colored flames are the hardest to achieve and are the most powerful.


Earth used to be common, but almost all the channelers of this element were killed off. Earth elementals are able to create earthquakes and move large chunks of earth and fling them at enemies. They can also manipulate plant life to an extent and can commune with the earth. Earth elementals could locate anyone on solid ground if they had the experience. This is why Lotus had them killed during the war since this power was too risky to have on the playing field.


Air elementals can use the element for mostly offensive purposes. They can create large air currents to knock back opponents and can also create air currents to ride along. With enough experience they can create tornadoes and other natural disasters. When paired with a water elemental they can completely control the weather.


Electric elementals can be impaired in certain situations. Most electric elementals can only manipulate man-made electricity so they're abilities are null out in the wild. When they're near the right sources of energy though, they can create shocks powerful enough to short circuit entire city grids. They can also manipulate machinery, and a few can even commune with anything electrical. Electric eternals can also transform natural energy from the earth into crackling usable electricity.


Darkness is another sort of main element. The darkness elementals don't need pitch blackness to use their element. They draw it from any form of shadow in the area. Darkness can be transformed into poison that can rot away enemies and it can also be used to simply blind an attacker for a short period of time. Darkness elementals can also wear their element like a cloak and blend into natural shadows, allowing them to perform stealth attacks.


Light is yet another sort of main element. As with darkness elementals, light elementals don't need complete light to use their ability. They pull light from even the most obscure sources of illumination. Light elementals can blind foes with their light and can even use it to sear them and cut them. They can also refract light at certain angles to make themselves invisible.


Aura is one of the most obscure elements. Aura elementals can manipulate a person's mana and aura, or their 'life essence'. Many aura elementals can see spirits and tend to look like they're day dreaming because of all the things they can see at once. Aura elementals are also incredible healers and the most experienced eternals can actually revive the death and dabble in necromancy.

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