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Emma is a girl brought to the Dreyms by Romeo and told to 'look after'. She isn't very happy with the current state of the dimension and just wishes Romeo would stop sneaking up on her.


Emma has short, curly, dark brownish-blonde hair as well as muddy brown eyes.


Emma believes very strongly in what she thinks is right, and tries hard to stop what she feels is wrong. She isn't afraid to stand up for the good things, and is a bit stubborn. She also isn't very used to the brutality of The Dream Dimension, and is shocked by it very easily. She also refuses to learn how to use a weapon because as she says, "Murder is murder, no matter why you do it."

Powers & Abilities

Emma is human and has no special talents or skills. She also refuses to use weapons.


Currently her history is unknown.


Romeo is the one who kidnapped her to begin with and he says she's his girlfriend. Emma is close friends with Asahina and Sakura, and she thinks very poorly of Ryule but she doesn't outright hate him.



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