She's one the children on The Dreyms and is the only remaining natural born earth elemental.


Em has bright orange hair and bright green eyes. She is very petite, which is proof of her prior life of being an orphan on the streets. She usually is seen wearing her signature silk green dress, which is now quite tattered and worn out. The reason she insists on wearing it is because it was a gift from her mother.


Em is loud and always has an opinion on something. She can be rude at times but is still very likeable. She has an unbreakable spirit and big ego. But she can be kind and helpful when needed.

Abilities & Powers

Emmenia is one of the last earth elementals. She relies on her power a lot in a fight but if it comes down to it she'll just knee the enemy. She can move earth and create earthquakes at will.


When Em was very young both her parents were murdered, making her an orphan. She had no place to stay and wound up living on the street. It was dangerous though since she was viewed as a rare commodity. A few times she was kidnapped and almost sold, but she always managed to escape her captors. She decided to wander from crew to crew seeking protection. This is how she developed so many connections across the dimension.



Em is close to everyone on the crew. She has no known family though she calls herself daughter of the earth.


  • "SPAM!"
  • "Who do you think you are? The earthquake police?"
  • "I am my own person!"
  • "I'm going to warn you. I'm loud."


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