Ender is Noemi and Zoro's firstborn son and quite a serious boy.


Ender has dark green hair and light green eyes. He is somewhat pale as well. Ender has a little scar under his right eye from a battle in the War and has a few more on his arms and legs. He usually wears military-style clothes usually in green or black.


Ender has a very serious personality and takes his position as one of the first litter very highly. He helps show his younger siblings how to fight and is very well-behaved and polite despite the fact that Purrggh tries to get all of the other children to try to steal cookies from the jar. He is one of the only children who gives the cookie jar a wide birth and prefers not to indulge in sweets. People often comment on how serious, intelligent, and polite he is for his age; sometimes comparing him to Germany from Hetalia. Ender takes his training very seriously like his father and hopes to be a commander or captain of a group of his mother's soldiers one day.

Abilities & Powers

Ender is a shadow elemental and uses duel pistols. He also strives to improve his physical strength as much as possible. Ender is very smart on top of all of this and attends a military school in which he excells above the others in his class. He started his education early by learning from Kyoya and does not let the fact that the school he goes to is for disruptive boys and military children stop him. He aims to be a commander in Noemi's armies one day and enjoys the military aspect of the school he signed himself up for.



Ender is Noemi and Zoro's first son. He is very serious and smart but also cares very much about his siblings and often grabs his younger sibling's hands when crossing streets to keep them close to the group as well as other acts of protection to make sure his brothers and sisters are safe. He understands that his parents are busy and tries to keep things in line if Noemi and Zoro are busy. He also has a major crush on Sunny, one of the other children on the crew but is quite shy when talking to her. Otherwise he doesn't have many friends at school since the other boys fear him and mostly sticks around his brother Kasai.



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