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Basic Overview

Nyc lights

Energy City is very similar to New York City

Energy City is a very large city on the outskirts, one of the most developed ones in the area. It is home to many of the big business buildings, the power plants, a government owned navel port, the military headquarters, the head naval base of Moxidius, many stores and attractions, and other things commonly found in Reality cities. In the southeast part of the city, many large homes are placed, including Indigo Fire Headquarters which used to be a hotel turned into Noemi's large estate. There is a forest and a creepy lake on her property, including a very large and very old tree that is likely thousands of years old. Next to the edge of the forest across the property line, there is a large public lake with a park around it.

Nyc brownstone

Housing in the more village-y parts can be similar to the brownstones in NYC

In the eastern side it's more suburban with many open parks and roadways. On the western coast there is a sandy shore and a large boardwalk. The beach is a common place to go in summer and is reminiscent of

the Jersey shore. There are lot of power plants in the northern part and a lot of police stations, as well as a courthouse and a few minor military bases built during the war. Energy City is also filled with portals to other dimensions and worlds, so Curves are popular here. Energy City's main crew was the now at rest Indigo Fire.


Being Energy City has a lot of portals as mentioned above, crossing to other dimensions is quite easy and an ideal place for Curves and for travel. All portals are heavily guarded and laws stop people from being able to just walk into another country. It is certainly not a quiet city, being all of the activity going on and the big number of social outlets including restaurants, clubs, stores, malls, parks, etc.

Jer shore

The western shore of the city is a lot like the Jersey shore

Because of the police presence there, there are quite a few prisons. An old military prison that had been used to during the war has since been turned into a museum and memorial. Due to the power plants on the outskirts of the city, most people live in the central parts. There is a lot of traffic too, but unlike New York City in Reality there is clean air and energy used.

There are a few colleges being built and there are medical services in Energy City as well. Being that it was a focus city during the war, it was one of the first cities to be built up. With a beach and various forests, Energy City pulls in a lot of tourist money that goes towards bettering the rest of Moxidius and is overall one of the nicer parts of Moxidius.

The Law

Energy City used to be controlled by Indigo Fire, the main crew there during the War. These days it has a high military presence and basic laws are enforced similarly to Reality, but there are obvious differences. It still would not be wise to commit a crime here, as it is the military capitol of Moxidius.

The War

Indigo fire logo

Indigo Fire was the main crew of Energy City.

Since Noemi woke up in Energy City, many notable battles and fights happened there. Many of the rebels that fought Lotus lived or live in Energy City and freed experiments were also hidden and treated in the various military bases built during the war. Many small fights with Lotus occurred in the area and it is also a big symbol of the revolution.

Important Places

  • Indigo Fire Headquarters- Noemi's estate/where Indigo Fire used to live
  • Moxidius Military Headquarters- All military operations handelled here
  • The Western Shore- Mentioned above, tourist-y beach with great weather in summer
  • Central Square- Pretty much the Times Square of Energy City, it's got all the neon lights and stores to match.

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