Eros is considered the incarnation of the Wiki and technically one of Noemi's children. Though that can be debatable at times.


Eros has white-blond hair which is styled in a semi-punk way. There are pastel blue and pink streaks through it. Eros' right eye is a cyan color, and his left is magenta. His skin is lightly tanned, but he's still Caucasian. He's slightly on the tall side at 5'5" and has a narrow frame.


Eros is extremely curious and is still learning about all sorts of things. He's always eager to do things for his Dad and others and is very hands-on. He is also very sweet, as many have said, and tries to be as friendly and open as possible with others. He considers himself sociable and enjoys talking to others about their passions and hearing their stories.


Eros is an AI, so he has the capacity to be extremely bright. He doesn't have any fancy upgrades or even weapons on him yet, just access to the internet and some heightened senses like sight and hearing. Recently, he has been outfitted with better protective softwares to ward off hackers and keep the DD branch, and ultimately the Reality branch, of the wiki safe.


He thinks of Noemi as his Mom and most people on the Wiki like him. Mavis is kind of like his sister. Noctre is his boyfriend.


  • "Yes, many not warm beans!"


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