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She is one of the original Dreyms and is Dreyus' protector.


She has long black hair, dark eyes, and is on the tall side. Her most prominent feature obviously are her large bone wings.


Fallen is serious and head strong. Fallen always keeps her calm. And when others freak out she bitch slaps sense into them. She is a quick thinker and one of Dreyus' most trusted crew members. She is also very blunt and doesn't really grasp the concept of sympathy. She does crack jokes sometimes but when she does it takes you a minute to realize it was a joke.

Powers & Abilities

Fallen relies on her wits and her katana sword. She only uses one and it's completely normal, meaning it has no blood lust. But that doesn't mean Fallen can't fight. She is an extremely skillful swords-woman.


Fallen met the Dreyms after saving them all from a hellhound attack. She smashed through the glass ceiling at the ball everyone was attending and used her katana to save the day. After that she simply joined the crew and is Dreyus' Protector.

Before that she grew up with Romeo and Kevin and was their protective sister. It's unknown how she attained her wings or why Kevin is only immortal and nothing else.


  • Originally, Fallen was going to be Sibrel's protector, but she switched crews with Kevin. It is unknown why the two switched.


Kevin and Romeo are her younger brothers. Zyla is her girlfriend.


  • "We found your brother stabbed in a closet. He's dead."
  • "Just shut up. You're spreading your germs every time you speak and your bitch may be contagious."
  • "Romeo I honestly don't give a damn about your money problems. Become a stripper if you're low on cash."
  • "No."
  • "This is messier than the floor after Ryule finishes a job."


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