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Fawn is the nursemaid for Noemi's children. Her full name is Fawn Rosella Dogwood.


Fawn has long brown hair and often wears dresses. She has soft brown eyes and fair skin. She usually speaks in a quiet tone and has a timid nature, but can be scary-looking if you test her. She likes to braid her hair and keep it well brushed. She is a petite girl, but stands at a tall-average height. Fawn is a bit pale but is able to get tanner over the summer. When she isn't working, Fawn prefers to have her hair up in a sloppy bun while relaxing in comfortable clothes. She also likes pastel colors and ruffly tops for when she goes on dates. Some mistake her for a deer were (not just for her name, but appearance and actions as well); but it is proven that she has only human blood.  


Fawn has never yelled and she does not deem it an effective method for disciplining the children. Fawn is very sweet and also acts as a maid, cleaning and dusting often. She is shy, but is stern with the children if they do not listen. Fawn grew up in the Diamond District away from most of the war, but she was hired to help babysit Noemi's children while the crew fought. She helped rescue the children on many occurrences and risked her life entering battlefields to bring them back at times.  

Most of the crew is amazed with how well Fawn manages the startling number of children, but she insists she loves her job and that it isn't hard at all. Although she was hired by Noemi and Indigo Fire's sponsor, Opal, Fawn is considered one of the family and has grown very close to the crew in her time staying with them. Humble as she is, she cannot deny the pride she has with serving on the crew and has always been there to help out when times were tough. All the crew members appreciate her and respect her. 

Abilities & Powers

Fawn has a small handgun and throwing knives she can use for protection. She is very motherly and caring and seems to possess the power to calm any upset child. Fawn is said to have nerves of steel when it comes to difficult kids and the crew calls her the ultimate babysitter. She helped the crew through a lot during the war and kept the children out of the way in dangerous situations.

Whether it was grabbing little 3-year old Purrggh off the counter before she fell or yanking a daydreaming Star out of the path of a hell-hound, Fawn made it her mission to protect the crew's children while the adults and teenagers were busy. She risked her life and says she is rewarded greatly by simply being able to stay with the crew. She is human, so she doesn't have any supernatural powers, but none can deny her courage and ability to care for children.



Fawn is close to Togo, another member from Noemi's crew who currently fights in the army. She has an amazing relationship with the children and she and Noemi are like sisters. Her real sister, Nymph, is also a healer for the crew as well as a traveling doctor. She keeps in touch with her parents as well, who are retired in a community in the Capitol.


  • "If you don't listen, then you'll have to go sit in the corner for five whole minutes!"
  • "Children, follow me. We're going out toda-LUFFY STAY IN LINE!"
  • "Koke don't insult your siblings."
  • "No lasering people you don't like! I'll give you a time out, you know I will young lady!"
  • "Come along, dears."
  • "Oh my... You broke your toy again?"
  • "I need more coffee..."



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