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Fox is a current resident of Daegon, and lacks any living relatives. He lives alone without any sort of crew or group. He is also one of the three western leaders.


Foxglove, or Fox for short, is a twenty-year-old with black hair and lavender eyes. He wears large, rectangular glasses and always has his signature purple scarf wrapped around his neck, no matter the weather. He's quite tall and lean, with pale skin.


Personality-wise, Fox is what could be considered a bit stuck-up, or at least that's how he appears. He has somewhat moderate OCD, which leads to him being a perfectionist. This also leads to his habit of correcting the grammar and spelling of others, via chat, text, and face-to-face. This makes him appear as a know-it-all and can be quite annoying. But, Fox is actually quite an understanding individual, even if he can sometimes have a short fuse. He has a strong sense of justice and duty, which makes him loyal, determined, and hard-working.

Abilities & Powers

Fox is a regular human being who is skilled with fighting, but isn't super-human in any form of the word. He relies more on his wits rather than his physical strength, and refuses to kill unless necessary.


Foxglove has a bit of a muddled past and at times can be quite secretive about it. His early family life isn't discussed, nor how he ended up in the Coliseum of Daegon. He fought in the Coliseum for a while and got out with his life, which is all that really matters. He also found his way out of becoming an experiment by pure luck and miracle. Now he mostly spends his days at home, directing his donations of money to the areas of Daegon that severely need them, helping with rebuilding efforts, and dabbling in programming.


He's very close to Terri, who he is dating, as well as Judith, Jewel, Aaron, Noemi, Jamie and Luxrianne. He doesn't know many people deeply but is on good terms with many.


  • "Please stop."
  • "You know, I was knifed once at my job. Actually twice, but the second time around wasn't so bad."
  • "A house? Why should I get an actual house while people are outside without any shelter at all?"
  • "I am not a hipster."
  • "Don't touch my scarf."
  • "You all are so childish..."
  • "I...I don't know how to comfort crying people...Would tea help?"
  • "Tea is my version of whiskey."
  • "Give me back the chocolate, Jewel."
  • "Oh my... I'm sexier than I originally thought." Fox, 2016
  • "You kids and your douche bag hats."
  • "I'm not a rooster but I am the embodiment of sexual desire."


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