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Franky 1

Franky before the timeskip

Franky's real name was Cutty Flam but he changed it in his youth. He is a technician, mechanic and shipwright and when his body was mutilated in a sea-train accident, he replaced what was broken with robot parts.


Franky 2

Franky after the time-skip aboard the Sunny

Franky is a blue-haired cyborg. He has a metal nose and wears mascara, and he can change his hairstyle at will. Franky has two rare laser cannons installed in his shoulders (they make his arms rather large) that are from the laboratory of a great, deceased scientist in One Piece called Dr. Vegapunk who was known as the best special weapons scientist in the One Piece world until his assistant (Dr. Caesar Clown) killed him by releasing a chemical weapons explosion. Franky is quite tall with a wide chest and usually wears an unbuttoned Hawaiian shirt and a blue or red speedo which causes people to think he's a pervert. Being that Franky is a cyborg, though, he can alter his appearance in

many ways.


He has what he calls a superrrr attitude. He believes in keeping a positive attitude and to never look down on anything. Although this is true, if he hears a sad story, he'll burst into tears and might start playing his guitar to a sad song he makes up about the story as he goes along. Franky has many good qualities. He is extremely reliable in an emergency situation and can come up with a getaway vehicle and plan in a snap. Franky is also good at uplifting people and can get pretty much anyone on the crew to dance when there's a party.

Franky 3

Franky in his robot suit

Powers & Abilities

The rare cannons on Franky's shoulders, as well as all the other built in weapons he installed into his cyborg body are not the extent of Franky's abilities. He can build or fix anything in a fast amount of time and make it sturdy. He can breathe fire, extend two extra legs, has a chain-release right arm that can pack a heavy punch, a left arm with a sniper installation, he can extend smaller hands from his larger ones, and nipple-lights *yes, he gave himself lights for nipples* in case there's ever time where the crew is in the dark. He also doesn't run on food, he runs on

Franky 5

I wasn't shitting you. This guy actually has lights for nipples.

beverages, mainly cola. If you power him with a different drink, his personality changes to fit that of the drink. (ie. English tea makes him act like a gentleman) Not only this, but Franky is credited for a number of his creations. A large slew of 'Battle Frankys' or small battleships he built when he was only a boy, the Thousand Sunny pirate ship which is the ship of the Straw Hat pirates, he helped create the first sea-train in One Piece with his master, the great shipwright, Tom. He also created a small boat inside the Sunny called the Mini Merry that can be used outside the ship modeled after the Straw Hat pirate's old ship, the Going Merry which unfortunately could not take them farther then Franky's home island; and the Shark Submerge which is a small submarine inside the Sunny that can also be used outside of the ship. He created a large tank, also hidden on the Sunny, and a huge robot suit people on the crew can wear and that can have multiple controllers with a seemingly

Franky 4

Franky before he was hit by the sea-train

endless possibilities.



He is in good with everyone on the crew, but his family is Nao and her daughter Lusa, as well as Nao's father Izzamer.



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