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Fuaia is one of Noemi and Zoro's daughters and one of the few phoenix weres out there.


Fuaia has medium length crimson hair and hazel eyes. She has large red and orange wings with some yellow mixed in as well. She has pale skin and often just wears casual clothes or her school sweater. She is relatively tall and lithe, but has exceptional upper body strength from flying and being able to support her larger-than-normal wings. For a phoenix were, she is quite powerful, especially carrying her mother's blood. Although this is true, she is still a young child and has not unlocked her full potential yet.


Fuaia is an outgoing girl, but at the same time is a great listener. She is very observant and stays quiet when others talk to collect information. Although this is true, she is also outgoing and likes to make her ideas known. Fuaia is ambitious and one of her favorite hobbies is racing and testing the levels of her fire powers. She aims to do her best in school and also wants to learn to race among other phoenix weres and master her powers.

Abilities & Powers

Fuaia is one of the rare phoenix weres in DD and as a legendary were has heightened powers. She is a good observer and has spectacular eyesight. She is known for spotting things very easily and can detect even the tiniest movements and heat even when it cannot be seen. She is ambitious and looks to master her powers and go into racing when she gets older, also to do well in school.



Fuaia is one of Noemi and Zoro's daughters and is close with her brother Hotaru as well the other siblings of the family who can fly or run fast since she enjoys racing. Mostly, she's close to everyone at HQ.

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