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She's a character from Danganronpa and is two people in one, Toko Fukawa and Genocider Sho.


Fukawa wears round eyeglasses and her dark purple-ish brown hair is tied in two long braids. Genocider (Fukawa's other personality) looks generally the same execpt she has red eyes and a long tongue that hangs out of her mouth.


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Fukawa is a shy and nerdy bookworm who is also deeply insecure. She often accuses people of thinking badly about her even though they most likely aren't. She can also be slightly dramatic, especially with her accusations, and at times she can be a bit stupid. She rushes into things and accuses people of things that make absolutely no sense. She also can't stomach the sight of blood.

Genocider, on the other hand, is practically Fukawa's complete opposite. She is sarcastic, loud, and snarky. She is also quite arrogant and rude. She tends to taunt people and harass them over stupidity. Genocider is a skilled killer and hopeless romantic. All her victims are men she found attractive who then broke her heart.

But one thing that's odd is that Fukawa and Genocider only share a body, but not memories.


Abilities & Powers

Fukawa is too shy to fight. Genocider uses razor-sharp scissors that she keeps concealed until the last moment. Don't be fooled, these scissors can double as throwing knives and can easily impale victims. It is unknown how many she has exactly...


In the game Danganronpa she survived the crazy school killings staged by Junko Enoshima and proceeded to try and survive the harsh Danganronpa world. When Aaron found an interest in Danganronpa he set out to find some of the characters, and eventually Dreyus decided to take Fukawa in if she felt like it.


Fukawa refuses to trust anyone except Togami. Genocider has a grudge against Asahina for an unknown reason. Both Genocider and Fukawa have a crush on Togami. Genocider also admires Ryule for his murderous ways, and she admires Juzzou because of how few morals he has.


  • "Everyone hates me...they just don't want to say it!" (Fukawa)
  • "Shove it!" (Genocider)
  • "Don't worry, I only kill guys that I find hot." (Genocider)
  • "STOP JUDGING ME WITH YOUR EYES!!!!!!!!!!!" (Fukawa)


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