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Kuzuryuu (eyepatch)TA


Fuyuhiko is a small, slim boy known for having a “baby face”. He has dusty blond hair and freckles along the bridge of his nose. His eyes are gold, and he wears an eye patch over his right eye. And he seems to be always blushing...somehow.


Fuyuhiko constantly tries to over-compensate for his small size by acting rough, tough, and mean. But really, once you get to know him, Fuyuhiko isn't as aggressive. He also is a bit of a rule-freak and panics when people do something like drive when they're under-age. This is pretty comical considering he's supposed to be a yakuza, which is the Japanese equivalent to a mob boss.


He's skilled with a gun, which is his weapon of choice, and also excels at street fighting. Because of his upbringing and Yakuza status he's gotten a lot of training and has plenty of experience on the streets.


Peko is his girlfriend. He doesn't particularly like Drake, mostly because he mocks gangsters and what they stand for.



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