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A pony experiment who joined Noemi's crew and is a citizen of the Singulis Kingdom.


Gem has purple dragon feet (and hands), along with a dragon tail with purple and green spikes on it. She has dragon wings as well and a dragon muzzle and fangs with matching green dragon eyes. She has a working unicorn horn and two green dragon horns with a few green dragon scales on her cheeks. Her mane is short, purple, and scaly as well as very smooth. For the most part she has a strong body and her coat is thinner than most ponies' and cream-peach colored. Gem is a half-pony and was experimented on, but has since found her place on Noemi's Crew and in the Singulis Kingdom.


Being that she has such a unique appearance, especially for a pony, she is criticized by the public. Since she is still a young filly who has not yet found her special talent, it's hard for her to understand why others do not accept her. She stays sheltered on Noemi's Crew and goes to regular school in the Singulis Kingdom where she fits in. Gem is overall nice and very goofy, often playing around and spending time with Noemi's children. She has other pony friends on the crew and at school and leads a pretty normal life for dd.

Abilities & Powers

Gem is very strong with her combined dragon and pony powers as well as magic. She is still a young filly and goes to regular school in the Singulis Kingdom. Gem didn't fight in the war much and just stayed hidden away in the depths of the Infinity before Lotus sent her to the Rainbow Factory on a whim with some other young ponies that Noemi rescued. She struggles with flying sometimes but she is getting better. Gem is a fast learner and does well in school. She is a promising magic-student and will go on to being a powerful alicorn one day. Overall she aims to be a promising official and aid to Queen Tenebra (Noemi) and Princess Caliga. She takes much pride in the kingdom since it is one of the only places where people do not stare at her or wonder what she is.



Gem is good friends with everyone on the crew, especially Noemi's children and the other ponies. She also has many friends at school.


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