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The Ghettoteers is a gag crew created by Drake Merwin. He assigns others ridiculous 'Ghetto' names and then they're declared part of the crew. It's all a way to stereotypicalize and poke fun at ghetto street life.


Draeke - Drake

ZZ - Zeke

Co-Dawg - Collin

Ky Master/Kyoyoyo - Kyoya

Da Minz - Cinnamon

Ronny Rod - Aaron

Demona - Mal

Eemi - Noemi

Sibs - Sibrel

Drey - Dreyus

Emmiester - Emmenia

Damn damn doe - Doe

Meow - Romeo

Miri - Semmirra

Crysteena - Christina

LRA - Lorra

John Meh Keys - Jannaki

Fay - Fallen

Ryse and Shine - Ryule

Mr Frosty - Tanaka

MiKool - Mikan

Checkaroo - Chiaro

Vivi - Violetta

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