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What are Ghosts and Spirits?

Ghosts and spirits are very similar, but there is a distinct difference. Spirits are beings that have died and moved on to Heaven, Hell, Purgatory, or who are banished to their final resting place. Ghosts are wandering beings who have not yet fulfilled their purpose in the living world. Either the being who died did not feel as if they got enough out of life and wanted to stay about the living by making an imprint of themselves on earth or otherwise, the being has unfinished important business in the living world, the ghost cannot accept it's own death or moving on, or the ghost just simply became one when it's living self died. Ghosts can roam about or possess objects or living people and animals, they can access the Sheer Kingdom, some are able to move on to a final resting place, and some extremely powerful ghosts have powers, like King Romeo.

How Ghosts and Spirits Come About the Dimension

Ghosts in the dream dimension come in many varieties. Some have intense powers and some do not. Ghosts are wandering beings, and they are people who have died and not moved on to the other side. Ghosts become ghosts through various ways; some leave imprints of themselves on the earth and they forever roam as undead souls, some cannot move on because they still have missions to fulfill in the living world, some died in troubling ways and simply cannot grasp this fact so they are doomed to float around the dimension for eternity, and some people randomly just end up as ghosts after dying. Ghosts who come back to the dimension are allowed to by Heaven usually.

Zadkiel (Archangel of the Lord, Head of Living and Dead Relations in Heaven) usually decides if a person comes back or not, as well as Uriel (Archangel of the Lord, Tollbooth Operator at the Gates). These are the four most common ways ghosts appear in the dream dimension, but there are endless different reasons for why sentient beings become ghosts. People are not the only things that can become ghosts, animals can become ghosts as well as other objects and creatures. Haunted objects and buildings can exist, and before dealing with old buildings or objects, as well as marked land it is wise to ask the ghost's permission who is there or protecting them or else you risk harm. Many ghosts do not take kindly to the living tampering with burial grounds, houses or objects such as jewelry, their descendants, or sections of land like lakes or forests. These are not the only things though. Living people have many things special to them that are unique, and the same goes for ghosts.

Types of Ghosts and Spiritual Beings

Spirits- Certain angels, demons, fairies, and souls that have moved on. Sinners in Hell are included here as well as spirits in Heaven.

Ghosts- Wandering dead individuals, poltergeists, crowd demons, vortex ghosts, Doppelganger, kobolds, lemur ghosts, shadow people, invisible ghosts, etc.

Where Ghosts and Spirits are Found

  1. Heaven- Heaven is where good spirits go whom God lets in to paradise, angels and other holy beings reside here as well.
  2. Hell- Hell is where sinners and demons reside.
  3. Purgatory/Sheer Kingdom- Purgatory is where dead people can go to repay their sins before going to Heaven or Hell or simply staying for good.
  4. Limbo- The place where the lost souls of infant children and young, unborn babies go if they they are to be collected by a certain spirit, ghost, or living person before moving on.
  5. The True Sinner's Land- Otherwise known as the place-worse-than-hell, it is just a lonely expanse of whiteness where individuals too evil to go to Hell are put. While in the True Sinner's Land, it is impossible to encounter other beings and you are forever to roam in the whiteness. It is believed they go here since they do not deserve the pain Hell will bring them for their sins since it would mean that they would be around others for eternity and torture is simply too good for them. Not many end up here, but it is possible. (Example: Maia ended up here after her betrayal.)
  6. The Living World- Ghosts can roam around the living world in DD and Reality.
  7. Objects/Living Beings- Ghosts can posses objects and living beings. Although, it is common courtesy to ask the living being if you are welcome to stay in their head before entering. Laws are put in place to prevent unwanted possession, and often the living will make contracts with their ghosts.

Powers Ghosts and Spirits Have

Ghosts and spirits have many powers, most commonly angels and demons can perform miracles and do other-such amazing things. The most powerful can turn invisible, re-materialize, use powers that living people have, appear out of thin air, and come when summoned. A prime example of this is King Romeo of the Sheer.

Additional Information

Ghosts may be dead, but in the dream dimension it is possible for them to live on in a different way. It is best to show respect to their wishes and not disgrace the once-living. The same goes for spirits, who are also sentient beings. Most ghosts do not try to harm the living (unless they are poltergeists or kodors, who are simply made to cause mischief) and friendly ghosts do not want to harm the living at all. Some, like Noctre Van Rasser de Sombere are interested in the modern world and the living. But as nice as many ghosts and spirits are, they were once living people. Just like not all the living are friendly and nice, the same goes for ghosts.

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