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Miku is a teen-aged girl with fair skin and light blue eyes. She's slim with an average height. She has long, straight, blue hair that goes to down to her ankles. She keeps her hair up in pigtails. Miku is usually wearing her mic as well as dress shirt with a blue tie, a black pleated skirt, and thigh-high black boots.


Miku is a bit of a daydreamer and is semi-oblivious to her surroundings. She acts a lot like a typical teenager and stresses about very minor things. But she does understand that the crews struggle with a lot more than her and is careful about complaining too much. Out of the Vocaloids on the Off Gridders she's one of the more mature ones.


Miku is just a regular human girl, and doesn't have any special powers. She can sing very well though, but she isn't a siren.
Headphones vocaloid hatsune miku twintails aqua eyes aqua hair anime girls detached sleeves hair orn 25


Miku is something called a Vocaloid, which pretty much means she's supposed to be a computer-created pop idle. In Reality she and the other Vocaloids are Youtube sensations and sing many different kinds of songs. In DD, though, Miku and the others are fully human and aren't in any way synthetic.


Miku is close to Gumi, another Vocaloid. The other crew members don't really like her much.



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