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Hellhounds were one of the first challenges the City crews faced. They are all controlled by a girl named Azilla.


Hellhounds usually look like giant hounds come back from the dead. They have a rotting appearance, similar to that of a zombie, and have giant, razor sharp teeth. They aren't appealing in the least and also smell of rotting meat. Some Hellhounds are engulfed in flames but a good amount of them are not.


These beasts come straight from hell, but despite their intimidating looks they are actually extremely easy to defeat. They aren't clever and rely mostly on their master for guidance. Take her out and these things are useless.

They are pretty common creatures but recently they've began to disappear. This may be because of clean up efforts, the fact that Azilla is no longer prowling around or the War had dramatically reduced their population. There is also more protection in place to keep hellhound attacks at bay. They may have also migrated or found their way back to Hell.

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