Himmel is one of Noemi and Zoro's many children. He goes to military school and tends to take after Noemi's German side, hence the name. (Himmel means "sky" in German.)



Himmel has sky blue eyes and darker brown hair in which he keeps combed neatly, gelled back, and parted in the middle. His facial structure is similar to his mother's, but his jaw is more broad like his father's. He has similarly pale skin to Noemi's and usually wears his school uniform. Himmel is a bright boy who was born blind but was then healed by Aaron. He is a great deal kinder than the other boys in his academy and is considering switching schools because of this factor. He is human and has no powers; but he is very physically strong like many of his family members. Himmel doesn't have as many scars as his brothers or sisters, probably due to being born after the war and by not engaging in much combat. He also wears reading glasses, but prefers to take them off when he doesn't need them.


Himmel 2

This is kind of what he looks like when his hair isn't gelled.

Himmel is a very smart boy who is a bit quiet. He usually listens rather than speaking (much unlike his mother) and is very observant. He notices smaller things and sometimes can even guess what someone is thinking just by looking at them. He is gentler in spirit than his brothers and fellow students at his academy and values learning more than strength. Himmel claims that once he has finished learning how to fight, he will most likely serve the military by devoting his focus to war science. Though he has the capabilities to fight on the battlefield, and that he will if his country needs him, Himmel prefers to stay behind the lines making plans instead of using his brute force to take down the enemy. Not only this, but he also enjoys cooking and knows a great deal of survival skills. Much like Noemi, he choices to work himself in order to benefit others and doesn't usually like to take breaks, (Even if he may need them). Like many of his siblings, Himmel is on

the route to prove himself worthy to his mother has a good son who will use his skills to help serve the country and may even end up as a politician. All the same, he is still a young boy and only time will tell where he ends up.

Abilities & Powers

Himmel is human and has no powers, but he does have great physical strength and intelligence. He is very good at battle strategies and memorizing maps. He could very well become a good general for the army or the navy. Himmel can draw maps as well as have them down after studying them for only a little while. Though not much for fighting in the field, Himmel likes to direct soldiers and make plans. He also studies languages; so far he is becoming fluent in German and is also studying sign language, morse code, and smoke signals.


Himmel goes to the same military boarding academy as his brothers Kasai and Ender, and they often stick together. Despite this, he isn't as battle-hungry as most of the students at his academy is more level-headed when it comes to fighting. He has a few close friends, but is not open with many others. He does talk to his mother frequently and is considering switching schools.

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