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Honesty, or Honey, as Verie calls her, is a young girl who is part machine.


Honesty is a small girl that's about nine years old, with a thin and narrow frame. She has curly, dark blonde hair and one gray eye. A majority of her face is actually made of protruding metal and wiring, with her right eye consisting of a bright red sensor. A steel trap, similar to a muzzle, has been fitted over her mouth, and wiring and tubing has been fitted down her throat. This renders Honesty completely mute and unable to eat normally.

Her right hand and leg are both synthetic, and are made of steel. The fake skin that used to cover her hand and leg has actually been worn down due to so many years and the iron frame work is exposed. Honesty's mechanical parts are in a lot of disrepair, and in places all over her body the metal framework can be seen through the skin. Honesty also usually wears loose dresses and walks barefoot because of her many metal parts.


Honesty is very reserved and acts very mature for her age. She tends to keep to the background and doesn't interact with others very often. She is very responsible and helpful and tends to take on many tasks by herself 'for fun', as she once described it. Honesty also has an amazing intellect and is deeply curious. Machinery fascinates her, as does complex puzzles and math.


Honesty is a cyborg and has many high-tech features installed into her. The internet has been installed into her brain, as well as a number of other types of software, making her one of the smartest people alive. She can also very easily hack websites and is an expert at coding. She can understand any language created, whether its written or spoken and she herself can write in a numerous array of alphabets and fonts. She also has a small gun installed into her right arm, and can shoot it with deadly accuracy.

But Honesty also requires a large amount of medical attention, such as regular shots to prevent various illnesses caused from rust and other chemicals found within her mechanical parts. She also needs special solutions, similar to energy drinks, to keep her strength up since she can't eat normal food.


Verie is very close to Honesty and the two usually spend a lot of time together. Pierrot also makes sure to take care of Honesty and is in charge of making sure she gets the attention she needs.



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