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Hotaru human

I did my best painting in the streaks of black in his hair, I know it looks like shit but it was the best I could do.


Hotaru is one of Noemi and Zoro's sons and is a cheetah were.


Hotaru is a bit on the small side for his age (but don't mention that to him) and has more of his mother's build. He has blue, lighter blue, and black hair with cheetah spots mixed in. He has cheetah ears and a tail and also has bright golden cat eyes like his mother. He has stripes and a few cheetah markings on his face much like his brother Zetro and also got ear piercings and a tattoo of a black lightning bolt on his neck during the War without telling his parents. He also has a few scars from fighting, even if he did not engage in much violence and the majority are just from running accidents. He wears one of his mother's dog tags from when she lead the rebel armies against Lotus and often wears modernized clothes. When racing, he wears more athletic-friendly clothing or just simply turns into his cheetah form.



I found a cheetah creator online and I used it to make his Were form.

Hotaru is extremely competitive and often settles arguments with his siblings over races or wrestling. He was one for sneaking out to fight during the War, even if he was young, to test his powers. Mostly he has a love for winning and does not like to lose. Though this is true, he is not reckless and knows his boundaries. He has a fiery attitude and is not only ambitious athletically. He likes to study the science behind physics and uses his intellect on the subject to help his advantage. Hotaru does very well in school like that majority of his other siblings with the promise of shining above his competition, but he has always stated that he does things to live up to the level of his parents. Hotaru strongly believes in using himself to be a high achiever.
Blue cheetah

Abilities & Powers

Hotaru is a lightning eternal and a cheetah were. He has unbreakable ambition and a strive to win. He takes an interest in physics, as well as weather and storms. He likes to create balance between both of his powers and tries to become faster and stronger at any chance he gets with hopes of joining the military or becoming a racer when he grows up. He did a bit of fighting during the War, but most of it was post-War street brawls.



Hotaru is close with his siblings and school friends, as well as his mother and his uncle Kuro whom he likes to race.

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