How the crews are formed, a topic many of us wonder. Well, here are a few ways how:

1. A sponsor can decide to make a crew if they want, then they pick whoever catches their eye to be leader. After that, they invest in a trusted person to guide the leader. Then the sponsor may employ others they see as additions to the crew to help keep it running and stable. These sorts of sponsors tend to have a lot of influence over the crew and the leaders tend to be more clueless since sponsors usually don't actually meet with them until much later. Furthermore, these crews often have vague purposes like 'keep order' or 'save people' and don't actually know how to help a community until a few months after they're formed. Also, these sorts of sponsors tend to be more detached from the crew and the members don't know them very well.

2. Some sponsors chose to lead their own crews, though this is rare. Usually sponsors that lead their own crews are people with powers who have stable side jobs or got a stroke of luck and have a lot of cash stored up. These crews are usually very stable and have good facilities, weapons, ect. These sponsors usually have their members as 'employees' sort of and give them money for simply helping with the crew. These sorts of crews also tend to have a lot more influence in the community and in general.

3. Other crews are formed by people and don't get a sponsor until later on.Usually the leader is just someone who wants to make a change for the better and gathers friends and trusted people to help them keep order. These crews aren't influenced as much by their sponsor and all sponsors do for these crews is provide financial support and stability. Also, these crews may not have as good equipment as other crews since at this point in the game leaders aren't sure what to ask for from their sponsors and the sponsors aren't sure what to give.

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