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Indigo, nicknamed Indie, is one of Noemi and Zoro's daughters and is a half-neko.


Indie has a striking resemblance to her mother. She has the same purple hair and her eyes often change between gold and grey. Her skin is fair and pale as well. They have the same foreboding aura and Indigo tends to frown like Noemi as well. She usually has a sort of shadow cast over her face since she likes to remain in her head. Indie wears casual clothes similar to her mother's and often chooses plain colors to blend in. Indigo also has multiple piercings in ear of her ears. She is a half-neko, so she only has a cat tail and cannot transform into a cat.


Indie is very quiet and often keeps reserved at school. She usually only adds a few comments to conversations, but they are usually meaningful. Mostly Indie likes to listen and is close to only a select few, including Noemi herself. She is more of a listener than a talker and is often seen in the background taking things in. She has some social anxiety and does not smile much, even though she is perfectly content which can give her a negative aura. Indigo shrugs this off however and mostly likes to stick to getting good grades. Her passion lies in music and poetry, however, and she plays electric guitar and a variety of other instruments.

Abilities & Powers

Indigo is only half neko, so her senses are not as heightened as those of a normal neko or cat were; but this does not bother her. Mostly she relies on her intelligence and her ability to observe to get around situations and does quite well grade-wise. She takes interest in the arts, primarily poetry and music. She also likes painting and has done designs on the walls and ceiling of her room. She plays a few instruments, including electric guitar (her favorite) and she likes to play outside when the weather isn't particularly poor.



Indie is not very close to her father, but she is closer to Noemi. She keeps mostly to herself, but is friendly with her crew and family.

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