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Innes (pronounced In-Ease) is the current God presiding over Heaven. He's one of the youngest people to ever take the Throne, being only 15 years of age.


Innes, as mentioned previously, is quite young. He has bright red hair that is somewhat messy and large, hazel colored eyes which contain small flecks of gold and gray. Innes is also very pale, mostly due to the constant sheltering his mother and advisers insist on.


Innes can be very shy and timid, mostly due to the controversial opinions people hold regarding him. He tries his best to have others see him as an equal, rather than some deity on a pedestal. He actually gets remarkably uncomfortable when people praise him in excess. Innes is also very compassionate and empathetic. Many times he feels a personal responsibility to help others, and is thoroughly frustrated when he cannot. He tends to take hate to heart, even when it is not directed at him, and desperately craves peace.

Abilities & Powers

Even though Innes is God, he is not all seeing and all knowing. He is actually quite frail and cannot do a majority of the feats mentioned in the Bible and other religious texts. Doing a basic miracle, such as curing someone from an illness, can land him in a coma for 3-5 days. He can heal things, but feels notably tired afterwards, and can also see certain events and places if he wishes, but not excessively. He is also immortal and, like a full-blooded angel, cannot be killed with even a starshot.


Innes has lived his entire life in Heaven. He's never stepped foot upon the earth, and has been trained his whole life on how to be a proper and well-rounded individual. His mother had mostly taken care of him, along with other angels who acted as his nannies. His father did not particularly like him, mostly because of his exceptionally weak state, and if not for the Holy Laws he most certainly would have tried to another Jesus. Innes' father retired from being God quite abruptly, and only a few days after Innes' 15th birthday. Innes thinks he may have done this to put him a bad situation, what with all the new social pressures and responsibilities.


Innes loves his mother, but sometimes she can be an extremist when it comes to Innes' appearance and following traditional faith. This makes their relationship very strained at times. Innes also is trying to become close friends with Mal, because he believes he is generally misunderstood because of his background. Innes and Mori are engaged.


  • "The world these days just makes me feel sick."
  • "Please, please, don't judge me! I want to be friends!"
  • "Oh cherry blossoms!"


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