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Io is Ari's emotionless second-in-command.


Io is an albinistic boy who is about 17 years old. He's completely colorless, save for his milky blue eyes. His hair is cut in a bit of what would be considered an 'emo' style, with one side partially covering his right eye. He also tends to wear dark clothing, making him look even paler. Io also owns a metal mask that resembles a wolf's snout and comes complete with extremely lethal and large teeth. He also has gloves that are tipped with five-inch long steel claws. He puts these items on whenever he goes to fight.


Io is somewhat of a blank slate when it comes to emotion. He's very literal and doesn't understand many emotional questions or dilemmas. He's somewhat clueless to these things. It's near impossible to provoke any sort of response from him, whether it be through insults,sweet talk, or discussing depressing subject matter. He just stares at you and says everything in an even, calm voice. But he does have a few likes and dislikes and he does some really odd things like hang from the ceiling.


Io is extremely strong for a boy of his physique and size. He can very easily lift a fridge and support his entire body weight while hanging upside down. But he doesn't appear psychically strong in anyway. Io also uses his wolf-mask and claws when fighting, simulating a demon in its demonic form. Combining his weapons with his strength makes him a formidable enemy.


Ari is his childhood friend. Pierrot is like a father to him.



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