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Izzamer Vercalis

Izzamer is one of the adults of Indigo Fire and the father of Noemi and a few of her siblings. He was born with the name Little Howl but only goes by the name with his friends since he fits into society easier with a modern name.


Izzamer (Indigo Fire)

He's much stronger then he looks in this picture

Izzamer is very tall and has broad shoulders which show his great strength. He has tanned skin and often has a peaceful smile on his face. He has a bit of stubble on his chin and has shaggy dark hair and a wolf tail and ears. He also has piercing green eyes and wears an array of feathers, beads, and animal teeth that he made while in a native tribe. He likes to wear some traditional clothes for fun and heritage, but also wears modern clothes for convenience.


Izzamer is quiet but will enforce his point if he sees it needed, and his words are usually always meaningful. He is very peaceful and does not believe in violence unless absolutely necessary. He feels very strongly about nature and goes for walks in the woods a lot, sometimes spending hours there. Even if he was rejected by both deceased tribes of his parents, he still returns to his friends in other tribes every once and awhile and enjoys visiting his sister Swift Brook the most.

Abilities & Powers

Izzamer is part wolf and knows many animal spirits, most commonly two wolf ghosts who walk by his side
Izzamer wolf form
and helped raise him while he was younger. He doesn't believe in violence unless needed, but he is still very strong and quite a big man for his age. In his wolf form, he has the powerful aura of a pack leader, but he stays mostly as a lone wolf outside of his family. Izzamer can speak various languages though, as well as make clothes and jewelry and hunting weapons. Perhaps his best quality is knowing how to survive in the wilderness, since he grew up living outside in the woods.


Izzamer was born a prince to two noble native Indians in a joint-tribe. His parents were married to unite the two tribes and they lived peacefully along both sides of a river enclosed in a forest in Moxidius. His father's tribe was human and his mother's tribe was of werewolf decent. However, one year when he was about eight years old the peace was broken when his father's tribe picked a fight with his mother's tribe and the truce was broken. The tribes warred and burned each others camps and the forest surrounding to the ground. The remaining survivors fled and Izzamer was left to raise his human sister in the wilderness alone. After the leader of his father's tribe died, the small group of natives left told him to lead as chief, despite his werewolf ancestry. He slowly rebuilt the human tribe and a few of the werewolves from his mother's tribe were eventually invited in. By the time he was in his twenties, he had become a very important chief. The tribe was larger and yet still remained unknown to most of the rest of Moxidius. They knew war ravaged the land around them so they kept hidden in the forest and hunted only at night. Lotus found them eventually, and made a deal with Izzamer to leave the rest of his tribe be if he gave himself to her. Being the loyal chief he was, Izzamer went to her and she upheld her promise, which was uncommon for her twisted nature. She married Izzamer and they had a few children together before she imprisoned him in her bedroom for many years until he was found by Noemi who saved him from the tortures of the Infinity. His tribe still remains in the forest and he and his sister currently lead it.


Izzamer is the father of Noemi and a few of her siblings and is also good friends with other members of the crew, even if he is quiet. If anyone on the crew wants some good old fashioned wisdom, Izzamer is the man to go to. He is particulary close to his grandchildren Lusa, Ursalia, Moriko, Bambi, and Nagisa as they wander the woods together. He also has a sister in his Indian tribe named Swift River.


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