Jewel, or J as people sometimes call him, is a loner who travels from city to city aiding in clean up efforts. Currently he is in the Outskirts and will be staying there for a long period of time.


Jewel has a slightly feminine appearance due to him being transgender and has a small frame. He has jaw length blue-green green hair and green eyes. He dresses in hoodies and baggy clothing.


J is very easy going and laid back and likes to crack jokes. He believes life shouldn't be spent worrying and barely ever considers the future and only looks back on happy memories and likes to forget bad ones. This, of course, has put him in some bad places since he'd often run into things head first without thinking up any sort of battle plan. Jewel also has a philosophical side that comes out usually when he's bored. In the end it results in him making everyone else's head hurt.


Jewel is a fairly old Conscious with roughly four years of experience. He's known Fox since almost his entire time as a Conscious and the two were briefly in a crew together that would crusade around Daegon beating up criminals. Then, once the crew disbanded, J began to be Fox's security of sorts even though Fox can easily take care of himself. Fox just wanted to give Jewel a job to keep him off the streets. Once the war ended Fox recommended that he put his fighting skills and compassion to good use and help out with restoration efforts outside of Daegon. So now J wanders to areas that need his help.

Powers & Abilities

Jewel is human and doesn't have any supernatural powers. He does have incredible fighting skills though. He's almost like a ninja in a sense that he's agile, fast, and powerful despite being on the small side. He fights using shurikens and sais and likes to make jokes about how when he uses sais he 'might as well be using a fork'.


Jewel and Judith are cousins and both have a very humorous nature, so they get along well. Jewel is also close to Fox and Luxrianne.


  • "Beware my forks of doom!"
  • "Uhhh, I can fix this...with this uhhh....peach. Yeah! I'll fix it with a peach!"
  • "Fox is just angry because their are no Starbucks around and he wants to be a hipster."
  • "Hey Uxie you look very pretty today! Can you fix my laptop again?"
  • "I throw sharp projectiles at people for the sake of justice!"
  • "Hahaha I'm a dude."
  • "Look, I'm sure you're very smart but when it comes to LGBT awareness you are dumber than a door-nail."
  • "I will make Moxidius great again! But first I need to buy a toupee."
  • "Oh look...a banana..."
  • "I'll just stroke this peach while you guys talk if you don't mind."
  • "Pet my peach!"
  • "What if we take the wiki and make it a peach?! Can we try that?! It can be like Portals 2!! C'mon!"


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