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Josh Morrav

Josh is the rather quiet technician for Indigo Fire. His full name is Joshua Robert Morrav, but everyone calls him

Josh Morrav (Indigo Fire)

Josh or J.


Josh is a very tall boy with a few freckles on his face and shaggy dark brown hair. He has blue eyes. He usually wears black jean jackets with white t-shirts on underneath and khaki or black pants, otherwise he casually wears hoodies and jeans. Josh also has green reading glasses that he puts on when studying papers and is also known for going a bit steampunk with his style. Josh has invented a number of gadgets and some of them are in the form of clothing or accessories, like his electronic glasses which he uses for analyzing machines or systems that he needs to fix; as well as perform better in terms of his new inventions. He wears black and blue Nike sneakers and usually has a brown satchel he keeps weapons he made in for emergencies. Also, his most prized possession is a pair of green Razor gaming headphones that he modified to work even better than the model he bought. Much like Doe's motorcycle-Do not touch.



Josh is usually very quiet and doesn't talk very much, like Mori from Ouran Highschool Host Club. He is quite smart and can come up with a good plan when needed. He is also known for his ferocious appreciation of technology and his ability to fix or make machines, as well as computer programs or coding fast and efficiently. He is avidly popular for fantastic tech support and many World of Warcraft players look up to him for being an admin who actually cares about players and the website, as well as the game. However, Josh could use a bit more outside as he is always in his room for long periods of time when he is isn't out and about fixing things or working on his inventions. He's extremely protective of his technology and laying so much as a finger on his Razor gaming headphones or laptop can result in punishment none can even imagine.

Abilities & Powers

Josh is a very skilled technician and an expert hacker. He can delete things off the internet as soon as they appear (like annoying fanart, fanfictions, videos, etc.) He is a spectacular fighter in battle and can make complex weapons that are highly effective (folding swords, pocket lasers, various grenades, charges, explosives, and many other items of trickery and strength). Josh is a known inventor and has made a number of inventions to aid with situations in everyday life to intense combat. Overall, he works with game systems and machines and does a lot of computer and technical work. Josh is most known for being one of the DD World of Warcraft admins and has since helped make positive changes toward the site. He is quite strong-hearted and can put on a brave face even if he is scared. He is like an uncle to the children and is usually one of the ones to cover their eyes if something inappropriate happens and comforts them if something bad or scary happens. Also, Josh has an obsession with any form of technology, if he sees anyone throw down their phone in anger or toss their laptop off a table, he steps in to intervene. Everyone on Indigo Fire knew to treat things respectfully after Josh began confiscating abused phones (*ahem* Nishi *ahem*) and taking the time to repair them for almost a week.


Josh grew up being trained in Diamond to join a crew. He was an only child and lived a relatively normal life until he decided to sign up for crew training to assist in the War. Not much is known about his family, but he once explained that his parents didn't want him to leave his sheltered life to join the rebels. They now honor him for being a veteran and he visits home from time to time again. He is also known for coming from a wealthy community, hence his extremely advanced technology which was quite expensive to buy. His parents both run large companies and his father produces new advanced DD technology while his mother is in the fashion industry. Josh's home city is similar to the Capitol from the Hunger Games, but less snobby and sadistic. It is located near the Capitol in DD and is named Jewel City.


Josh is dating Reenee, another member of Noemi's crew. He is also good friends with Zeek from Sibrel's crew and the two run the World of Warcraft website in DD.


  • "Yeah. I'm a World of Warcraft admin."
  • "Have you tried turning it off first?"
  • "I can fix that."

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