Josie is a half-cat that has taken a liking to the entire Anomalies crew.


Josie is a gray tabby cat that is missing her entire body from the ribs down. Once you reach the end of her ribs her body just comes to an abrupt end, with the area in back of her being covered with gray skin, but no fur. Josie walks around as though she still has her back legs, and all other aspects of her are normal. She eats just like a regular cat, and acts like one too.


She's a very calm she-cat, but is also very curious. She's taken a particular liking to Io and mostly just lays around and watches him and the rest of the crew. Josie also seems to know when people are upset or distraught and licks their hand to make them feel better.


One weird thing, though, is the fact that Josie seems to be able to touch Mat just fine, even though he's supposed to kill every living thing he touches. So it's unknown if Josie is truly living, or if she may be a spirit or some sort.

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