Juniper is a young human girl who lives in southern Moxidius.


Juniper is a petite girl with dark skin. Her hair is a rich brown with a handful of reddish-orange streaks and is very frizzy. Usually Juni will attempt to straighten it. She has large dark - almost black - green eyes.


Juniper is quite mischievous and likes to have fun. She is easily excitable and gets attached to things such as series and websites very easily. She can also be a complete chatterbox if the topic is something familiar to her. Morally she would say her compass usually points north, and she can't stand people who act fake. Juni is also a bit sensitive and empathetic, and likes to hear both sides of a story before judging someone.

Abilities & Powers

Juni is human so she lacks any real magical powers. During the war she fought quite a bit, but now she mostly just stays away from danger. Juniper also has an 'ability' of sorts, which is that she is a very good singer. Some people have told her it's a supernatural gift, but she hasn't yet confirmed this.


Juniper has been Conscious for roughly three years and has lived in the small city of Dama de Llanto in southern Moxidius all her Conscious life. During the war, she worked as a messenger for the multiple crews in the area and has deep ties with many of them.


Juniper is close friends with Noemi and is dating the archangel Raphael.


  • "Goya?"

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