Juzou is a peculiar boy from the anime, Tokyo Ghoul.
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Juzou has white hair and large, creepy looking eyes. He also has stitches criss-crossing all across his skin - He sews patterns into himself for fun. He also always has his hair clipped back with those hair clips and it gives him a more feminine look.


He is always eerily calm and asks the craziest questions that are much too personal to be answered. He isn't phased by anything, to be honest, and he barely feels pain. He also has extremely low morals and doesn't bat a lash when it comes to murder, and definitely didn't mind the (at the time) 18 foot demon or two eyeless brothers that were in the cafe when he first arrived. Juzou is overall strange and hard to grasp.


Powers & Abilities

He is extremely flexible and graceful, able to slip away from almost any situation unscathed. He also has incredible aim and can wield practically any weapon put in his hands. But he does have two weapons of choice: the Scorpion 1/56 and 13's Jason. Both are quinques are from extremely strong ghouls. (For those of you that don't know quinques are taken from ghouls and are the only things that can seriously harm them)




He doesn't really get along with any of the ghouls and that's why Dreyus didn't keep any of them. He's shown a strange interest in Dawn...but that's all. Most of the crew avoids him because they know he'll try to ask annoying questions about their personal lives.


  • "What do you mean stitches look creepy?"
  • "Heh, heh, heh, you're just being weird."
  • "Juzou-kun reporting for duty!"


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