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Kaitlyn is a cute and comical 10-year old girl Noemi rescued from a carnival that a group of Lotus cult followers took over and then turned into an experiment base camp. (Later destroyed) She also goes by the


This is probably the most accurate photo I could find.

nickname Kandy, but changed it to fit in better at school. She chose her own name to rhyme with her last name.


Kaitlyn is mixed race with dark skin and curly brown hair. She also wears temporary tattoos quite often. She has greenish hazel eyes and a kind face, she tends to wear casual clothing outside of when she performs. When she does perform, usually in school talent shows, she wears fake candy in her hair with lots of ribbons and bows; along with clothes of crazy colors and patterns. Kaitlyn has a deep and permanent scar around her neck from an attack that happened when the cult followers took over her family's carnival. She uses a bandanna to cover the scar on her neck. Kaitlyn dyes her hair occasionally, but only uses chalk dye so it comes out when she washes it.


Kaitlyn likes to make everyone laugh and be happy and tries to be positive herself. She has a huge sweet tooth and also enjoys cooking. She is usually kind-hearted and sweet, but also has a bit of a fiery side. Her favorite food are rainbow lollipops. Her mother had previously taught her to cook carnival food and a few other dishes.

Abilities & Powers

Kaitlyn is human and a young girl, but she is an expert at acrobatics which make her fast and agile. She's a master of disguise and does her best to cheer everyone up; even if she isn't feeling great herself. Kaitlyn knows how fireworks and basic explosives work and fought similar to Purrggh during the war. These days, she just takes gymnastics classes and cooks in her spare time.



Kaitlyn was orphaned at the age of 8. Her mother, father, three older sisters, and seven older brothers were killed by the loyalists when they defended the carnival with many of the other adults. She is best friends with Bengal who was adopted the same day and was adopted by Noemi who became her new mother.


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