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Kale has dark hair that she usually keeps in a braid and she has a dark tan. She also has dark green/gold eyes and wears glasses.


Kale is very caring and understanding. She is also really smart and creates a lot of things for the Off Gridders, including their special code. She can talk a lot and likes to get her points across. She can also be very clumsy, especially when it comes to fighting.


Before joining the Off Gridders Kale was a waitress at a really trashy diner where she got no respect whatsoever. Aaron saved her one night when she was getting raped outside the diner. She jumped at the chance to make Daegon a better place when Aaron asked her to join his crew.


Kale is a shinigami. Her death scythe is a giant battle axe that is too heavy for her, or sometimes she uses the throwing knives she got from HQ when she really needs to be accurate.


Her and Aaron are also very close.



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