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Kasai is one of Noemi and Zoro's sons from the third litter. His name means fire in Japanese.



Kasai has deep, scarlet hair much like Shanks' and piercing, reddish-amber eyes. He has tan skin like his father and has a stern attitude, almost angry. He also has a scar over his lip from a street fight during the War and he wears the colors of The Pyro Army in which he hopes to be a commander in one day.


He is ferociously protective of his siblings and will not hesitate to brutally attack anyone who tries to hurt his family. Although he is serious outside, he controls his temper with the crew. Many say Kasai was born to be a soldier, ever since he was very young and took great interest in learning how weapons worked and hanging around the guards at the doors to Indigo Fire HQ. Often Kasai is seen as quite intimidating for his age, especially since he has a naturally aggressive look. Kasai was one of the few children during the War who had strength enough to fight and battled in the heat of the downfall. Kasai can be seen on various news reports from the time of the War fighting alongside of his parents and ruthlessly burning his enemies. In school, Kasai is a force to be reckoned with. He attends an advanced elemental school in Diamond and is at the head of his class. None of the other children dare stand in his way and many avoid him. Kasai is extremely ambitious and will not let anything get in the way of his goals.

Abilities & Powers

Kasai has strong fire elemental powers and is trained in using explosives. He fought during the war and was part of the generation of children who fought with crews. After the war, his fighting dream was shattered and he was forced to go to school like a normal boy. This does not stop Kasai from practicing and reading up on law books and soldier's guides. Kasai also made sure he signed up for military school and even though he is put into classes with other boys who are put there because they need behavior issues resolved or who also want the same job as him in the future in the military, he ignores them and embraces the military aspect of the school. He aims to become commander of an explosives or flamethrower team in the Pyro Army one day so he can put his fighting skills to good use. Kasai is very strong and it is unknown if he has super strength, but he definitely has haki.



Kasai is very close to his parents and tries his best to teach and protect his younger siblings, especially Kitsume. This may have originated from when he was viciously attacked by Lotus as a child and his older brother Ender saved him, causing him to want to protect his siblings as much as he could as well. At school, he doesn't have many friends and a lot of the other children fear him. He does have Ender however since the two of them go to the same military school.


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