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One of Noemi and Zoro's sons in their fourth litter.



Kitsume has red-orange, rusty hair and has fox ears and a tail with bright green eyes. He also has a bit of a blush to his cheeks at all times and has tanned skin. His hair is shaggy too and he tends to wear pretty casual clothes.


Kitsume is also non-violent and pretty innocent. Being the only fox were of the crew, he has a unique appearance compared to his many feline were siblings. He goes to regular school despite many of his other close siblings attending other schools and he does miss them often. He is very playful and loved to wrestle with his brothers Kasai and Ender before they left to join a military academy. Kitsume is very brave and will not hesitant to protect his siblings, but is still one of the most sweet, adorable kids you'll ever meet. He greets almost everyone he knows with a hug. He is sensitive too, and doesn't like the fact that he can't be with his siblings all the time. Though this is true, he accepts that Ender and Kasai have different goals than him and visits them when he can.

Abilities & Powers

Kitsume is a fox were and is a child so he doesn't fight. During the war he didn't fight much either and kept out of the way as much as possible. He took some basic cooking lessons from Sanji and has considered going into being a chef, but has decided to figure it out when he gets older. For now he attends regular school with a few of his other siblings and cousins. Some of his best qualities are his positive attitude and bright personality. He learns pretty fast and is usually always on top of his homework, even if he gets distracted sometimes. Even if his favorite siblings around as much, he still remains happy and visits them when he can. For a child of war, Kitsume faired quite well and did not suffer any serious injuries from his skills in being able to dodge attacks. He is a smart boy with lots of potential and despite being the only were of his kind on the crew does not let this stop him from being himself and changes into his fox form regularly.



Kitsume loves pretty much everyone on the crew as equal family except for his parents whom he remains the most close to, as well as Sanji and Kandy. Many of his siblings have left home to study at different schools, even at their young age, and Kitsume misses them. Perhaps the most missed of all are his two older brothers Kasai and Ender who protected him during the War and saved him many times.


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