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Kobra is a doctor/healer in training on Indigo Fire.

Appearance & Personality:


Kobra looks almost nothing like his sister. He has deep blue hair and green eyes with a small mole on his chin. Kobra wears black glasses and always has on a dress shirt and tie with a black doctor's coat. He has a silver stud in his right ear. He also carries around a small black notebook much like Kyoya.


Along with not looking much like his twin sister Mel, he acts the opposite as well. Kobra is neat and collected, but his calmness can break if he is pushed over his limit. Kobra is extremely serious and doesn't goof off at all, much unlike Mel. Kobra is somewhat innocent compared to the senior members of the crew. Since he is only there to train before he moves off to be a war doctor, Kobra tries to pick up as much as he can. He can be found sitting wide-eyed around the crew members while they tell him stories of battles and their injuries and he always makes sloppy notes in his medical journal.

Abilities & Powers

Kobra is a healer and doctor in training and has learned very much from Kyoya. He is training to be a military doctor in one of the armies one day so he is spending time on Noemi's Crew to get experience. Every few months, Kobra goes back to his school for four weeks to take tests and prove what he has learned. Eventually, he will take a large test which will determine if he is worthy of being a healer in the Arcanus Army. For now, Kobra is simply a medical intern and is not a professional. He does work hard though, and has promising talent.



Kobra is Mel's twin brother and Cody's boyfriend. His teachers are Kyoya and Chopper and he is learning how to be a military doctor from them.


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