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Koke is Noemi and Zoro's fourth daughter with an aggressive and sassy attitude. Her name means "moss" in Japanese.


Koke is a rather tall girl with unusual red eyes. Her hair is half green and half blue, the right half blue and the


left half green parted down the middle. Though her left ear is blue and her right ear is green. She wears red and black necklaces which many call her "voodoo cursing charms", but Koke claims it's ordinary Darkness Kingdom Jewelry. Koke is very pale like her mother, and shares her negative attitude with aggression mixed in. It seems Koke is always angry for one reason or another and has a burning hate for the people working for Lotus. She blames them for her split hair and mixed up genes, since Noemi was electric shocked when she was pregnant with Koke by a few of Lotus's people therefore causing her genetics to be messed with.


Koke's negative attitude reflects mostly on herself and she insists she isn't pretty to everyone who tells her she is. Koke prefers to keep to herself and listen to music in the corner of her room or reading, not talking to anyone unless making a sassy or sometimes rude remark. She does not like to be bothered and seems to despise her Aunt Nishi for being overly positive. No one can really guess the kinds of thoughts that go through her head, and most people don't wish to know either.

Abilities & Powers

Koke has very destructive lazorlike powers which translate into her being a fire elemental. She is also a cat

Koke 2

She also looks a little like that. The hair is a bit off though and so is the eye color. You get the gist.

were and a magic user. Koke doesn't fight much since she is still a child, but could if she had to. She is quite intimidating, especially at the boarding school she goes to, Hogwarts Elementary in Darkness. She was selected to be put in the Slytherin house and is quite content there. Being a young witch, she is ambitious to become powerful. Many wonder what path she is on and what use all of her power and knowledge will go towards one day...



Koke is Noemi and Zoro's daughter but is content by herself. The only real exception is Sadao, whom she sneeks out to meet at night often.


  • "I'm the bad child of the family, nice to meet you."

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