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Kuro is Noemi's emo older brother and co-ruler of the Kingdom of Darkness. His full name is Narikuro Osmodius Hades Osiris Vercallis, Narikuro meaning "dark clarity" in Japanese. He switched his last name to that of Izzamer's, beforehand he used to be known as Kuro Li Roux.


Kuro has long, silky black hair that he usually puts up to keep out of his face and calm, blue-grey eyes. He has scars over his right eye and over the bridge of his nose from a battle with Lotus. Kuro has a small goatee and he also has a scar on his chest of the word "Mama" inflicted by himself. Kuro is on the tall side and quite muscular from weight-lifting and from taking long, leisurely flights. He is very pale and also has two large, black raven wings and tends to wear more darkness based clothing or casual clothing. He also has a lot of outrageous/iconic outfits that he wears on stage during performances with the band.


Kuro has a long history of depression and anxiety disorder, but has gotten past the rough state he was in. He does his duty as a lesser ruler of the Darkness kingdom and he is the drummer for his band. He is a quieter person and often looks very solemn, but is usually just very casual in nature. He rarely gets angry and usually directs his feelings into art. These days, he is more mellow and a lot happier. He is carefree but also serious since he became the manager of the band and also puts in a considerable effort to help bring up the Darkness kingdom. Currently, he helps as a financial adviser and is credited with bringing the kingdom out of the Depression it was in.

Abilities & Powers

Kuro can turn into a raven and fly with his wings. He has the heightened senses of a raven as well, including sharp eyesight. He has shadow powers and the sword they came in. Kuro is also the co-ruler of the Kingdom of Darkness. His physical strength is very good too from training which adds to his power.


Kuro's background story can be found here.


Kuro is Noemi, Nishi, and Natsu's brother and Nao, Nobu, and Nagisa's half brother. Kuro is good friends with Akira, T.J., and Sizzle. Sadao is like his younger brother. He also has a good relationship with animals-especially crows, ravens, and his Umbreon, Crescent.


  • "Andy Biersack? I'd go gay for that."
  • "This overripe banana is like my soul. I can find sadness in everything."
  • "Would you like a slice of the emo pie?"
  • "Get out of the bat cave."



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