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Kyoya Ootori

Kyoya Ootori is the previous healer for Indigo Fire.

Kyoya (The Coldheart doctor) 2

Kyoya on a normal day


Kyoya is somewhat tall with black hair and glasses. He has a very lean body but has some muscle.
The Coldhearted doctor

Kyoya seeming slightly intimidating


Kyoya is serious and keeps his cool for the most part. There are few occurrences when Kyoya really cuts loose or shows more emotion then "necessary".

Kyoya is quite

Kyoya (The Coldhearted doctor 2) Indigo Fire

Kyoya is calm when people panic around him

intelligent and did not get into an expensive school just because of money. He carries around a little black book that nobody except a very small number of people know what it contains. Kyoya is rather serious and takes his work seriously as well, especially from growing up in a rich household and going to Ouran Academy. He comes from a family of business people and doctors, and is the youngest son of four children. Kyoya deeply cares for the crew, especially his leader and will push himself over his limit to keep everyone safe. He often whacks people upside the head with his little black notebook, ("Kyoya's Notebook of Judgement") if they aren't paying attention to his lectures. Kyoya also has a scary glare that can strike fear into the hearts of the witnesses to it. 

The glare (Kyoya)
People often call him a "shadow royal" because of his cool and sometimes intimidating personality. Although Kyoya may act calm and serious, he has other sides of him that only show to those closest to him. All in all, he is a skilled doctor and prefers to keep out of the way, if not give advice to those around him whether it be in a polite or forceful manner. He is no longer on the crew due to personal reasons, but he became a successful doctor in the Capitol and works there. (Further explanation in the background section.)

Abilities & Powers

Kyoya is a very powerful healer and doctor and is also very smart. His glare can scare many people off and he also knows how to bribe people and has persuasion. Kyoya has some strength and did well with his crowbar during the war in drastic situations during the war, but he mostly stuck to basic fighting moves if necessary and didn't really partake in combat. Since Kyoya is also very wealthy and has a lot of money, he can also contact his family's personal private police force for help. These days he attends work at various hospitals and health centers, including the main one in his name in the Diamond District.


Kyoya was previously engaged to Noemi and the two had five children together. After a lot of turmoil with Zoro in their, then, polygamous relationship, it was believed that he and Noemi would simply marry without the other man in the picture. However, Kyoya's father was very disapproving of Noemi. Kyoya always suffered problems with his father, even at his days in school and when he was younger. Feeling deep pressure to succeed in life as the third son in his family, Kyoya began to crack when his father began harassing his fiance and children during visits. Romance between him and Noemi faded as Kyoya became overworked at the hospital he attended as a young doctor. Some nights, he refused to sleep in the same room with Noemi and waved her off curtly when she tried to communicate with him. This lead to constant bickering and arguments between the couple, and the abuse from Zoro onto Noemi did not help.

Kyoya became fed up with all the problems in his life and even turned his own hand against Noemi a few times. Sometimes he would yell at her for no reason or for simple mistakes. Things began to get dire when his family visited more often in preparation for the wedding. While his mother was extremely kind and supportive, his father and brothers did not approve of their situation at all. One day, his eldest brother was also involved in a rather violent argument between Kyoya and his father which quickly turned physical. Kyoya's father was accidentally killed in this turmoil and his brother, Akito, was taken to jail. After undergoing a serious mental breakdown, Kyoya became more cold toward Noemi and decided to break off their engagement to live back at home. He took three of the children with him to study medicine at a young age and to oversee their education; but after visible neglect, Noemi won custody back in court.

Now, Kyoya continues to immerse himself in his work as a specialist, doctor and surgeon. He works at a large hospital in the Capitol and does not communicate with his family nearly as much as he used to, if even at all.


Kyoya is the father of Kyoko, Basil, Furze, Little Red, and Kyou. His family does not seem close, but he does have some mutual friends and colleagues at work.


  • "That will be another (insert high number here) yen on your debt, Haruhi."
  • "It's flu season, you know."
  • "Noemi, that meal is not healthy."
  • "I do not wish to indulge in this 'Big Mac' you speak of."
  • "Sleep first, then dream."
  • "Noemi, apples do not keep the doctor away if you throw them at him."


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