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Kyukyoku, or Jinny as she prefers to be called, is the leader of the Kyukyo-No-Ru's. They're a crew that's in between the Outskirts and Daegon.


Jinny has waist length, color changing, hair that is usually deep magenta. She also has large, dark, eyes and fair skin. She has a scar along her left arm and a small dragon tattoo behind her right ear. She usually wears a lot of metallic jewelry and edgey, punk, clothes.


This is usually how Jinny dresses.


She can sometimes be bubbly and loud, and slightly annoying, but she tries her hardest to be nice to people and help them when they need it. She can also become super protective of her crew and friends, and she hates to see them hurt.


Jinny is an exceptional sharp shooter, and her weapon of choice is her iron hand gun that has interchangeable bullets. The bullets can be silver, regular, and start-shot laced (but she barely uses those). She can also alter her hair color if that counts for anything.



Merrit is a close friend of hers. She treats Xael like he's her little brother, and is fiercely protective of him. She is still single even though Limmerik is constantly trying to ask her out and she has no known family.


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