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Lady Red

Lady Red

Lady Red was a young girl who lived in the 60s and early 70s in the Dream Dimension in England and she also moved to Las Vegas halfway through her life just in time for the disco era. Her full name is Lady Rosana Veredona Red.


Lady Red has long red hair and golden reddish-brown eyes. She is fair-skinned and pale and also very thin, as well as a bit short at 4'8. Before she moved to Las Vegas, she usually dressed in frilly hats and dresses. She came from a rather rich family and her parents always made sure she was dressed perfectly before she went outside. Though this was true, her parents split up halfway through her life and she was sent to live with her uncle and aunt who ran a casino in Las Vegas while her mother and father fought over legal matters and the estate. When she moved to Las Vegas, Lady Red changed her style. She wore lacy red dresses and skirts and took on a rather iconic and sassy style.
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Lady Red was very shy and reserved before she moved to Las Vegas and her parents highly restricted her from doing things. She was told she had to act in a certain charming, rich manner and was forced to wear many layers of sweaty dresses and cardigans to various dances and dinners hosted by members of her father's company. Once she moved to Vegas, Lady Red let out more of her flair and she came out of her shell. Without her parents to restrict her and her lenient aunt and uncle around, Lady Red became quite daring and sassy, often wandering the casino to sell cigars and dance for customers. She was a big hit in her teenage years and Lady Red got many people into the casino during this time. These days, she is very shy once again.
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Abilities & Powers

Lady Red is a ghost so the most she can do is float and walk through walls, as well as possess things. She was a human while alive, and a young girl at that with no powers. She did, however have incredible charm and persuasion and was able to dance very well.


Before she died when Lady Red turned fifteen she began flirting with various young men who came to the casino regularly without knowing. They would offer to buy her things and she would gladly accept, claiming the men to be her friends. On the night of July 25th however, she was abducted by a group of mafia gangsters and assaulted in the alley outside the casino where they tortured her in a variety of ways and murdered her in the end. Placing the body backstage covered with a blanket until later, everyone assumed the girl was taking a nap and did not notice the blood on her dress since it was the same color as the fabric. Her aunt and uncle Alisha and Viktor Kahor passed her, smiling, many times thinking the girl was just napping. At the end of the night when the killers were done gamboling, they took her body into the same alley and mutilated it. The next day the police were called when she was found by her shocked relatives.The ghost of Lady Red had already left, shamed by her mistake of making friends with the band of men now called the Kahor Casino Killers who were eventually all tracked down and executed by lethal injection.
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Lady Red is currently inside Noemi's head and haunting the 13th floor Corridor of Indigo Fire Headquarters. She is friends with Noctre, Luke, and Lotus as well as a few other ghosts. Arc is also her boyfriend.



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