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Lena is a handicapped teenage girl who currently doesn't have a crew. She has a kind-of-very-useful-yet-sort-of-lame power of being able to tell when people are lying.


Lena has short black hair, glasses, and brown eyes. She also is usually in a wheelchair.


Lena is very timid and shy and doesn't have great communication skills. She has a pretty big soft spot for people, though, and is very sympathetic which can lead her into sort becoming a 'mom' to her friends. Constantly fussing over them, making sure they're okay, those sorts of things.

Abilities and Powers

Lena is basically a human lie detector. All she needs to do is hear a lie and then she gets this sort of bad feeling in her gut that tells her the person is being dishonest. If they're telling the truth, she doesn't feel anything. The power is useful, but at other times is just annoying or bothersome- Especially when people are telling white lies.


Lena is hoping to get into a steady relationship with Allev once he gets a body. She's also close to Loxi, Paisley, and Lux.

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