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Leneur is a great city, which was once all-French speaking, that gleams like Las Vegas. It is filled with important government buildings, elaborate hotels, sprawling mansions, gambling centers, and every kind of store you could imagine. It is divided into four quarters, the Vieux where most of the mansions reside, the Gleam where most of the stores and gambling centers are, the Licite where most of the government buildings are located, and the Salis where most of the clubs and tourist attractions reign. Leneur caters to the rich and kicks out the poor. The reason Leneur looks so clean and orderly is because all homeless are either taken in by a Household, driven from the city, or are dragged away and killed.

This rich city has a numerous amount of secrets, and is believed to be very closely linked to the Ganem Corporation. No one in Leneur is as they seem, and the city is actually one of the most dangerous places to be in. Anyone who has money there can make you simply vanish, and no one will look for you.

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In Leneur there are also seven Households, the LeStrange, the Greevous, the Maverickes, the Seul, the Rouge, the Parthenos, and the Aereo.

Each Household is known for something different. Not all of the Households get along very well either, and most are independent, preferring not to be allied with any Household at all. These Households hold a lot of influence over what happens to the city and when. So it is advised not to make any of them angry with you.


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