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Lily has dark brown hair and brown eyes.


She is very energetic and can be sneaky if she wants to be. She's almost always moving, doing something, or is plotting to do something. Don't let her innocent look and act fool you. She hides things from time to time and no one can seem to find them unless they ask Lily where she put it, and for her to tell you, she needs something in return. She's still sweet about it, though. She will threaten people on the street with crayons, but it is only a threat. That is, until they make fun of her.


I guess you can call her a weasel were? She can turn into a ferret or weasel. She doesn't really fight unless she really needs to, in that case she turns into this giant demonic weasel and no one knew ferrets could look so menacing. She can also use crayons as a weapon and keeps them close at hand.The red one is her favorite.


Sibrel seems to treat her like a younger sister. Riza is her best friend.


  • "I DIDN'T DO IT!!! ........Wait, what did I not do?"


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