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Lindesia is governed by something known as an elective monarchy. The term is quite literal, and so far they're the only country to use this method of leadership. Every 100 years a new noble family is chosen by the population to serve as the next royal family. Noble families can choose to opt out of being nominated and can campaign for their right to the throne, like when electing any other political figure. Each family chooses a member that is at least 20 years old to serve as their representative, and if they win the election this person will become the new King/Queen. Then for the next century (approximately) the throne will be handed down through this family.

As far as other government officials officials go it's much more democratic. They're elected every four or six years, depending on what position they are in by the population. The royal family is not allowed to influence voting and can only remove people from office if a majority of other political figures agree.


Lindesians are extremely modern and are continuously making advances in all sorts of categories. Their country tends to be the leader in many things including pop culture, fashion, and science. Due to this pop culture here tends to be edgy, bold, and innovative. Most music falls under strange hybrid categories such as pop rock, electro swing, country rock and pretty much whatever else people can think to combine.

Racially, Lindesians all seem to be predominantly similar to Reality Europeans, specifically the Western kind (a.k.a. Portuguese, English, and French). There are also many channelers and mages within the country, as well as a fair share of humans and even a few shifters. The concentration of magick users is much higher in this country compared to others.



Lindesia is the western-most eastern country and is surrounded predominately by water. Therefore, there are many sea ports within it and many small trading towns. But, the deeper one gets into the country the more modernised things begin to look. Many cities and towns resemble much larger Reality cities, such as London, New York, and Paris, in style.


Lindesia is mostly flat land with the occasional hill or two. There aren't many natural land markers unless you're interested in memorising the names of various rivers and lakes that mark the country. The northern part of Lindesia tends to be a lot colder, like Canada, while the south is much warmer, like Florida. The capitol, Linden, is kind of on middle ground and isn't all the far from the coast.

The War

Lindesia was one of the main countries that fought in the war and took the brunt of many attacks. Since they're the western-most country, naturally their country would be the entrance into the East. Also, all ships going to the East would need to at least pass by Lindesia (the ocean on their side is the safest, while the ocean by St. Gogh and Cheschoviack is practically sure death). Lotus made a multitude of attempts to capture Lindesia and secure an easy route into the East. A lot of the western-most port towns have memorials for those lost during combat, since many of those towns were turned into last-minute battle-fields. After roughly ten years, though, the East was able to create magick-nullifiers strong enough to discourage Lotus and weaken her forces. This led to her losing interest in the East and deciding to conquer Moxidius instead.


Lindesia is a very magically-inclined country filled with all sorts of practicers. The laws regarding magick are generally loose, with only a few tight restrictions. These include certain magick-free zones such as government buildings and hospitals. Now, the magick being referred to is the offensive kind. Healing, obviously, is allowed in a hospital. No one will arrest you if you create a cloud of sparkles in the waiting room either to pass the time. As long as your magick can not directly harm someone it’s allowed. Also, within government buildings magick nullifiers are present, primarily to keep a shifter from walking in pretending to be the Queen. If you’re found altering your identity within a place of business you could be fined or even thrown into prison.


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