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Noemi and (some of) her siblings' second biological father.


Lione has green-yellow eyes, many scars, a dusting of freckles, and tan skin. Lione is extremely muscular, once a champion gladiator in many arenas, most famously the Coliseum in Daegon. He has medium length, choppy blond/golden hair that resembles a lion's mane. He has a short beard and mustache as well, and is considering growing both out.



Lione is more of the serious father in the family and has the presence of being aggressive at times. Lione for the most part though is nice and tranquil, even if his face says otherwise. He is ferociously protective of his daughters and son Kuro, and isn't afraid to make any of his children-in-laws feel the wrath for stepping out of line. "There is a heavy price to pay," Lione once warned Zoro, Sanji, and Ace, "For breaking the heart of one of my daughters."


He was born to parents who did not want him and his father sold him to an evil pimp the age of 14. A few months

Serengeti Plains

Lione's home

later Lione broke free from the man's vacation home in Africa and escaped into the savanna. He studied other lions on the plains and learned from them. Making a few friends along the way, he grew up fighting and becoming stronger in the safe, tall grass of the Serengeti plains. Unaware of most of the danger outside his world, he lived in peaceful Africa until he heard news of danger in the main dimension. Eventually, the place he lived in was set on fire and many animals were abducted. Lione fled and escaped and went on to live in Moxidius, then called the West. Spending a few years in Daegon, he struggled to adjust living with people and confined to a dirty apartment once again. He could not hold a job and did not know how to speak the language of the humans very well. Lione knew he had to make some fast money and became a gladiator. He fought in arenas and raked in cash to support himself and became know as The Lion and the strongest feline were in all of Satus Beta. Eventually, he fought in the notorious Daegon Coliseum the first year and became the victor, winning the promised endless thousand-dollar checks. In a few weeks time, Lotus kidnapped him and he was not freed until a decade and a half later when he escaped to the Opal District and lived in cabin he built himself in the

Lione Lion form

woods, giving his food to other unlucky experiment victims, mainly children. He hunted on his own and went back to being wild, though now fluent in human language and battle-scarred for his many years fighting. He longed to see Africa again, but did not dare leave the Opal District for fear that Lotus would find him. Eventually, Noemi returned and brought him to join her crew and he takes visits to Serengeti regularly.

Abilities & Powers

Lione is a lion were and uses these powers to fight as well as a bow and arrow. He is the strongest feline were in all of Satus Beta, supposedly. He is one of the only three victors in the Daegon Collisuem before it was taken down and has very sharp aim with his bow and arrows. These days, he prefers not to engage in violence if he doesn't have to and mostly enjoys taking walks outside in nature.


Lione is Noemi and her sibling's father. He also has a brother named Severe who runs a casino.



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