Noemi's daughter made by Lotus. Origin of her other parent is not revealed. Nicknamed Ferra or Nucie.


Livy's appearance has since changed from when she was younger. Her hair has darkened and taken on a reddish-pink hue except for the two small purple braids in the front, her eye colors are now yellow-green and gray, and she has sprouted very small angel wings. She has purple cat ears and a tail, and she has become thinner.


Livy is, however, still as happy and bright as before. She has taken on a bit of a cunning and clever side though, and is extremely smart. She is studying magic privately under her mother and science on her own, and Livy is very good at both.

Abilities & Powers

Livy is a neko were, angel, and magic-user. She is extremely smart and quite powerful for her age. She is very good at science and also magic. The child has been known for being able to do things that others her age could not physically do and is one of the strongest children on the crew.


She is Noemi's daughter, and also gets along well with her other siblings. She enjoys nature and likes to walk in the woods behind Indigo Fire Headquarters and in the Darkness Royal Wood.

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