The main enemy during the War. Her real name was Almine, but she was known throughout her lifetime with many different names. Two known aliases were Meridan and Aylen, but she was not born with a last name since she was an angel. Though this is true, she did use the last name "Lilith" at times.


Appearance & Personality:

She has long, tar black hair that hangs to her waist, cold bottomless black eyes, and an expression that could stop hearts. When annoyed or enraged her eyes turn a sickly yellow-gold. Lotus also liked the color black and often wore slimming raven-colored dresses. She was not one for makeup, but sometimes wore it anyway. She always kept pristine and groomed very well, to the point of perfection, he ultimate goal. Lotus is also noted to have used a great deal of glamour on herself and other things and changed her appearance when she wanted to. Lotus was sick, twisted, and probably one of the worst people in the history of Satus Beta and Moxidius. Fallen angel turned tyrant, she ruled Moxidius, then called the West, for over a decade and pitched the country into utter anarchy and despair. She was crazed for perfection, an obsession that blossomed from the way she was treated as a child. After the Elders disbanded, Lotus acquired a double-strength version of every power imaginable and took over the West herself to make the world "perfect." She did this by experimenting and altering everything with chemicals, keeping slaves to do her bidding and going against nature to change people to be perfect.

Lotus younger

That looks kind of like her when she was younger. Just imagine that, but less kind.


this is as accurate as i could get. there really is no way to truly communicate her appearance.

Abilities & Powers:

Lotus was the most powerful person in the dream dimension. She was known for her experiments, mixing genes and powers and making terrible creations; and even experimented on her own offspring. She is often compared to The Other Mother, but overall Lotus was worse by comparison. She had a double-strength version of every power imaginable and held all the Guardian powers during her time alive. Lotus was skilled in magic and in science and manipulated all to her advantage before the only child born to her that could match her in strength, Noemi Li Roux, rose from the dead and killed her.


Lotus was the mother of several children and was in romantic relationships with a few men during the course of her life. Her parents, Themin and Azelia despised her even before she turned for the worst. She was also Maia's sister, the two are now both dead. She was particularly close to her daughters Noemi and Nao and both were said heirs to Lotus's throne before she was overthrown. Noemi is also a copy of her mother in terms of strength and skill, and is the only known person in history other than Lotus who is able to control all of the double-strength powers. Apparently, Noemi seemed to be the favorite out of all of Lotus's children-even after Lotus was dissatisfied with her and it is said that the two knew each other very well while Noemi was younger and this might have contributed to Lotus's downfall for making her daughter too powerful.


Lotus was killed by Noemi Li Roux on December 26, 2014 at approximately 8:50pm.

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