Older Material Ahead
The following material concerns past events and is not entirely accurate. This page is only kept up since it is considered a legitimate part of history.

Lotus and the government have a special array of people set aside, special fighters, that are basically the big guns of their operation. The normal government armies sent out all over the dd and to other places to kill the conscious and do whatever else Lotus orders them to do are not that strong compared to these officials. They made this plan a long time ago. They knew one day that there would be a conscious out there a bit too strong to contain. And being Lotus, she couldn't be bothered to fight that person/people. So she has a line of people to do it for her, a line of people who are stronger then the average general or commander with an army. These people Lotus specially selected and trained for extreme cases, and they also keep them for security guards. There aren't that many, and they aren't hard to beat. Lotus hasn't sent them out since it hasn't been needed. So far, these are the ones we have come to know:

1. The Water Elite- Lead by a water/ice elemental, a woman Lotus had turned into a killing machine with a powerful army who travel by ship. Tough to beat, but defeated.

2. The Air Elite- Lead by an air elemental, a strong man with a powerful army that travels by warplanes. Also tough to beat, but defeated.

3. The Invisible Army- It is what the title said, people with invisibility powers who can rarely be seen. Very high level and can only be defeated using intellect and other senses other then sight.

4. The Nightmare Force- A group of experiments gone horribly wrong that are trying to redeem themselves through service. The group is lead by the Gaiaphage. They are tough to beat because of their unpredictable powers and peculiar logic.

5. The Fire Army- An army of fire elementals defeated by Noemi, quite powerful.

6. The Army of Nekos- An army of genetically modified nekos that had super strength sent to destroy Noemi, many converted to The Umbra.

These officials are a very high-level force, and training is required to take any one down.

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